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A case report of chronic cervicitis - Potency selection is crucial in homoeopathic management

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KNOW Homoeopathy Journal Vol–2 & Issue-2, 18 October 2022, Published at at, Pages: 141 to 146, Title: A case report of chronic cervicitis - Potency selection is crucial in homoeopathic management, Authored By: Dr. Amandeep Kaur (Assistant Professor Department of Pathology Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh, India)

Title: A case report of chronic cervicitis - Potency selection is crucial in homoeopathic management


Authored By:- Dr. Amandeep Kaur


Assistant Professor Department of Pathology Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh, India 

Received: 16/08/2022       Accepted: 12/09/2022        Published: 18/10/2022

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"Homoeopathic system of medicine is a unique system which considers the whole person in disease. It is based on the principle “like cure likes”. Homoeopathic medicines triggers body’s natural defences. Cure can only be achieved if most suitable medicine with correct potency is given in a patient after analysing totality of symptoms. Choosing the right Homoeopathic medicine and right potency in a case is crucial. Flexible approach in potency in a case should be there. Homoeopathic medicines not only works on physical level but on mental level also. Homoeopathy address its underlying causes and individual susceptibility. Backache, leucorrhoea, burning in vagina and urethra are the common complaints in females and all are curable in Homoeopathy.  In this case, patient was having common female problems, relationship issues, mental symptoms like anger, supressed emotions, irritability etc.  Taking case in detail is like a Psychotherapy which is an auxiliary measure of Homoeopathic treatment. Detailed case taking helps to understand the patient and give advice accordingly."


Cervicitis is the inflammation of cervix[1]. Causation may be sexually transmitted bacteria (Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis and genital herpes), allergic reactions to contraceptives or latex in condoms.[1]


·         Sexually active

·         Multiple sexual partners

·         Having sex without protection

·         Having history of sexually transmitted infections.[1]


Pain in lower abdomen and pelvis. Profuse vaginal bleeding esp. during sex or between periods, painful intercourse[2], fever[1], dysuria, frequent urination.[1]

Complications involved are ectopic pregnancy, infertility, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease.[3]


Name- xyz, 24, female, married, came to my OPD for following complaints-


1)      Pain in lower abdomen

2)      Intercourse painful

3)      Burning in vagina in morning

4)      Pain lumbar region and in legs.

5)      Burning during micturition, increased frequency of urination, constant desire to urinate.

All complaints started since one year.

Pulse- 90/min

Temp. - 36.3 F

B.P- 120/60 mm Hg

HOPI- Complaint started since one year. Before that she was apparently well. No obvious reason was told by the patient but she was not having cordial relationship with his husband as he doesn’t earn money and is careless about his family.

P/H- Mother and Sister had recurrent U.T.I.

Economic status - Poor

Diet- Veg +Non veg.

Obs/Gynae History- 2 children with normal delivery, 1 threatened abortion.

Menstrual History – Menstrual cycle is regular but painful, profuse clotted bleeding. Itching before menses. Pain in abdomen before menses and during menses.

Treatment history – Took allopathic treatment for her complaints but no relief.

Tests done-

Blood test- Patient told that blood tests were done and it came out to be normal. She didn’t bring her reports.

USG report - Cervicitis during examination, blood oozes out during touch.

Patient was not keen to do tests again as financial constraints were there.


Appearance – Lean body.

Appetite - Normal, eat 3 meals per day at employer’s house.

Taste – Salty

Thirst- Drinks 10 glasses per day

Aversion – Sour things ++

Craving- Curd +, Milk +++

Stool- Loose stool after every 1 week.

Urine - Clear.

Sweat- Scanty

Sleep – Sound (she sleeps well despite of stress due to husband) but dreams are frightful.

Dreams - Frightful, frightened after dreams (dreams of death +++, hilly areas+)

Mind- Likes to be alone, cheerful otherwise.

Violent anger, throws things in anger. Wants to go away in anger but has not gone anywhere yet.

Loves dancing.

Emotional, weeps easily.

Consolation desire.

Reserved, doesn’t share feelings with anyone except her employer. 

Responsible, she takes care of her children alone as her husband is least bothered about children. She does her work at duty very efficiently.

Memory weak now.

Husband dominating, beats her, abuses her and doesn’t take care of her or children.

Patient is restlessness and anxious about what will happen in future with meagre money.

Desire peace and silence as she is tired of so much stress.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION- Conscious, healthy with no swelling or cyanosis.

Vagina tender, red.


Mind- Domination by others.

Dreams, death of.

Frightful dreams.

Indignation feeling.

Crying easily.

Food - Sour food aversion to, Milk desire

Female - Vaginismus, vagina painful during sex

Medicines came out to be- Nat. Mur (13/7), Lycopodium (12/7), Staphisgaria (13/6), Calcarea carb (11/6), Arsenic album (10/5), Carcinosin (10/5), Belladonna (9/5), Sulphur (9/5)

Natrum Mur was selected on the basis of covering 7 symptoms out of 8.

Figure 1-Repertorization Chart

Advice –

·         Use condoms while intercourse.

·         Wear loose undergarments.

·         Drink a lot of water.

·         Avoid coffee.

·         Meditation or indulging in some leisure activity with kids.



Natrum Mur 30, 6 doses for 2 days then followed by PL 30, TDS, for 5 days.


She came after a long time because husband was not allowing him to take Homeopathic medicines. He thinks it’s useless. Her employer brought her to me. Her symptoms were little relieved but not much. She was much more open in telling her symptoms in 2nd follow up and told me real feelings. Considering indignation was the main feeling and throwing things in anger, Staph was given.

Staph 1M, 3 doses for 1 day then followed by PL 30 TDS for 7 days.


 Backache better, leucorrhoea little better- PL 30, TDS continued for 14 days.


Backache better when taking PL. Leucorrhoea better.

Urethra burning. Headache when angry. Supressed emotions. Husband fights too much for money. – Natrum Mur 1M, 1 dose followed by PL for 14 days.


No backache, no burning urethra, leucorrhoea much better, headache much better.

Patient totally relieved.

PL continued for 15 days for patient’s satisfaction.


High potency works wonders when mental symptoms are present. When Natrum Mur was given in 30th Potency, it didn’t give favourable results. But when was given in 1M potency, result was seen. Mental characteristics symptoms have high importance in selecting similimum in Homoeopathic case taking. Whatever is the disease, if the symptoms are taken correctly then chosen Homoeopathic medicine will surely cure the patient.  

There were two main feelings in this case- one was indignation and second was supressed feelings.

Staphisgaria relieved backache and leucorrhoea but headache and burning in urethra were still there. Staphisgaria cleared anger and indignation feeling which was of recent origin. After that, the supressed emotional state surfaced and Natrum Mur worked wonderfully in clearing the emotional suppression. Though things remained same in the family due to husband’s behaviour but patient was able to handle the situation more efficiently and became clear in her mind about the way she should handle her life.


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